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Cold Room

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Cold Room VCR10

Type:Cold Room
Description:Koller cold storage is a construction where reaching required temperature, which used for goods storage, process, by artificial refrigeration in a certain space. Polyurethane cold plate panel are made by high pressure foaming mold, the temperature can be adjusted between -5℃ to -20℃ or even lower.
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Product Details

Koller Cold Room VCR10:

Cold Room Introduction:

Cold storage is a construction where reaching required temperature, which used for goods storage, process, by artificial refrigeration in a certain space. Polyurethane cold plate panel are made by high pressure foaming mold, the temperature can be adjusted between -5 to -20 or even lower.

Cold Room Product Feature:

◆  Koller brand VCR codl room series adopt integrated cooling system with doors, which is convenient for loading and discharging.

◆  Long storage period, economic effectiveness, easy operation, easy maintenance. safe operation with long faultless working period, no specific monitor.

◆  Full automatic intelligent controlling system has temperature setting & controlling and automatic-defrost etc function. Precise automatically temperature control with low power consumption.

◆  It has a similar appearance as container with wide useing purpose. It can accommodate approx 5~100 tons various kinds of food such as ice, food, fruit, fish vegetable and so on.

Technical Information:

◆  Power supply form: 220V, 50Hz 1P;  380V?420V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3P; 220?240V,60Hz, 3P; 440V?480V, 60Hz, 3P;
◆  Product-related parameters are subject to change without notice.

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