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New regulations are set to roll out about the emission of HCFs by EU and would be carried out next year

Source:   Type:Industry News   Date:2015-04-13  Share:

      New regulations No 517/2014 about HCFs will be carried out by EU on 1st January, 2015. The regulation aim to lower 2/3 F-gas emission in EU in 2030 than 2014 and make the HFCs emission in a rather low level.

      It’s report that for controlling the emission of HFCs in EU and dealing the stress of EU environment, EU even forbid usage of some products to realize it’s general control. For the products which include F-gas, EU commission make a list and stipulate the forbidden import time for each product. After that, these product have no access to enter EU market. For example, the household refrigerator and refrigerating machine which include HCFs and GWP≥150 cannot allow to import, at the same time, EU put forward a label requirement for these products which put in EU market before forbid period.

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